Vote for God fearing individuals to lead Ghana – Pastor to Ghanaians


April 16, 2024

Pastor Emmanuel Tettey, the Osudoku District Pastor of the

Ebenezer Christ Believers Ministry International has admonished Ghanaians to vote for God fearing people in coming December general elections to lead the country. 

According to the man of God, belonging to political party A or B should not be the bases of elections, but who is committed to the peace, coexistence and general development of the country.

He was speaking in an interview with news on Sunday after church service in the Eastern Region. 

Pastor Tettey stated politics itself is not evil, but the people in politics makes it looks evil and unattractive.

This, Pastor Tettey noted was among the reasons why some contractors sign contracts and don’t do the work on time or refuse to do it at all, but no questions or action from authorities who awarded the contracts. 

It’s therefore time to allow God fearing individuals in political positions and also expose the evil doings of political leaders who exploit the ordinary people to foment their intend cruel practices to achieve their wishes, he observed. 

Pastor Tettey advised those privileged and holding positions not to cheat on their neighbors for wealth making, but do the needful for the benefits of the country and society.

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