Islamic Mission Secretariat Women’s Wing donated assorted food to feed Ankaful Prison

March 30, 2024

The Women’s Wing of the Islamic Mission’s Secretariat, last Wednesday donated assorted food stuff worth GHC16,000.00 to feed inmates of the Ankaful Prisons in the Central Region of Ghana during the Ramadan festivities. 

Hajia Mariam Nketia-Suleman, the General Secretary of the Wing said the items was prepared to feed the Muslim inmates after breaking their fast on daily basis. 

The food stuff includes bags of maize, rice, sugar, millet, boxes of canned fish, bunches of plantains, tomatoes, gallons of cooking oil and natural spicing ingredients. 

After the Prison’s Command received the donation including soaps and detergents, the Wing observed the Ramadan Fast with the inmates and counselled them.

According to Hajia Nketia-Suleman, the Wing understands national budget for the inmates were woefully inadequate, hence the yearly support initiative, and the sixth time of such donation through the Wing’s ‘Ramadan Prison Inmates Feeding Project’. 

She said the donation was through donor-support and appealed to philanthropist, NGOs and other donor agencies to help the Women Wing of the Secretariat to support these inmates and Prisons in Ghana. 

Out of the total of 2269 inmates of the Prison, 570 are Muslim, she said. 

Hajia Nketia-Suleman pleaded with government for upwards adjustment of budget for the inmates of Ghana Prisons. 

The Mission also aimed at extending helping hands to Hospitals and Children’s homes in September every year for the less privileged to also smile and feel belonging to the society, the Wing stated.

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