Ghana’s Indigenous Diet (Etor) Contains The 4-Star-Diet With Numerous Health Benefits


Sunyani, March 30, 2024

Consuming “Etor” (mashed cocoyam, plantain or yam), a Ghanaian traditionally prepared delicious meal builds immunity and the general body system. 

A Registered Community Health Nurse, Joyce Odei told the media in an interview regarding the Heritage Month campaign.


Nana Yaa Kumi-Akyeaw in her 50s is a single mother and Etor businesses woman in Sunyani, the Bono Region. 

She put cocoyam, yam, plantain and ripped plantain on fire and ensure the stuff were well cooked. 

Thereafter, she gather fresh pepper, ginger and onions in (asanka) an earthenware, (a local made grinding bowl) and add a little salt, groundnuts paste, ‘Koobi’ (salted dry tilapia) and mashed them together.

She would then add either the roasted yams, plantain or cocoyam, depending on the customer preference and mashed them again to ensure it is well mixed. 

Nana Kumi-Akyeaw mixed the spices free mashed stuff with palm oil and served with roasted groundnuts, pear or boiled egg.

She normally sells the roasted cocoyam, yams and plantain with either roasted groundnuts or the “Koobi” for clients at the Sunyani main garages.

Nana Kumi-Akyeaw is an indigene of Sunyani who said has been in the “Etor” business for 33 years to support her three children to tertiary level.


Pack of the food is sold between ¢15 and ¢20 with high consumption, but she explained her daily profits has reduced as a result of high prices of food stuff on the market.

The “Etor” according to her was not only the favourite lunch diet for people at the Sunyani garages but several individuals including white government employees. 

Health Benefits of Etor

Ms Odei explained the meal prepared by combination of Carbohydrate, Protein, Vegetables, Fat &Oil and Fruit and oil contains the “4-Star-Diet” required in every meal. 

According to her, the Yams and Cocoyam are carbohydrates known to be good in preventing diseases, facilitate easy digestion, prevent blood clots and provides fiber to the body.

The vegetables contribute to weight loss, teeth and eye healthy as well as reduce the risk of heart and kidney diseases, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and strengthen bones and also healthy to build the body system and improve the skin.

Odei further indicated the fact & oil helps the body absorb some nutrients to produce important hormones while the eggs and other protein keep cells healthy, enhance wond healing, help the body to fight infections.


She said because she has to stand behind the heat for longer hours, she sometimes experienced some unusual pains and feelings all over her body, making her to be taking medicine most of the time. 

It is unpleasant, but as a single parent, I had no other option than remain in business for the upkeep of her family and my children education, the food vendor narrated.

Speaking to some costumers, they said they prefer eating the Etor because of it spices free nature.

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