Sunyani, June 26, 

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has stated that illegal mining (galamsey) illegal logging, waste disposal and dislodging into gutters and streams, were environmental unfriendly activities potential to result in national economic and health issues.

Mr. Nicholas Nii-Abbey, the Bono Regional Communications Officer for the Company revealed in an interview with  News in Sunyani on Monday.

He highlighted the adverse effects of trash blindness on the environment and water bodies have dire health issues of national concern and expressed discomfort about the phenomenon he described as environmental criminalities.

Mr. Nii-Abbey stated that flooding and outbreaks of public health diseases like cholera does not know a Professor, public servant and ordinary person, but affects everyone including even the Doctor.

“If care is not taken, the attitude of the public towards the environment, thus, throwing rubbish anywhere would lead to health issues and greatly affected the local economy as a whole”.

In terms of quality drinking water production, Mr. Nii-Abbey stated the GWCL critically look at the turbidity, PH, and Color of the water as factors that determined the quantity of chemicals to use. 

He stressed “the more turbidity the water becomes, the more chemicals required for treatment”, and “the more chemicals used for treatment, the higher the cost of production and vice versa”.

Its therefore critical the Nation prioritize absolutely clean water resources and clamp down sanitation issues affecting the water bodies and the entire environment.

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