Fiapre, June 24, 2024

A workshop on Land Reclamation Governance (LRG) and Landscape Restoration is underway at the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), at Fiapre in Sunyani.

It was a four-day intensive teaching and learning from Monday June 24 to Thursday 28 June 2024, launched by the School of Natural Resources of the University.

The workshop aimed at exploring measures to restore degraded lands in Ghana and across the African continent with reflection on in and out of classroom learning and field visits.

The LRG training for stakeholders in Ghana and Africa was partnered and sponsored by CIFOR-ICRAF, Global Landscape Forum and the International Model Forest Network. 

Participants were people with backgrounds in forestry, lands, agriculture, natural resources,  mines, builts and environment, and Geosciences, besides gender and regional representation from the UENR, the University for Development Studies and other Universities and Polytechnics across Africa.

Professor Mrs. Mercy Afua  Adutwumwaa Derkyi, the RLG project lead, also the Director in charge of Quality Assurance and Academic Planning at the University said the project would delve into a nature-based-solution to ensure a well organized blue-print made up of landscape Restoration Education for effective governance.

She told the media after the short opening ceremony, adding that the Landscape Restoration Education contains models that talks about the actual landscape itself, the dynamics, nature, institutions, actors in landscape Restoration and issues of policies.

According to her, land restoration goes beyond just tree planting or restoring the ecosystem, but also about the economic and social benefits of the people in terms of their well-being, economic aspect and ecological, as important pillars.

Prof. Mrs Derkyi stated governance was about the people, therefore, the workshop would highlight the economic, ecological and social benefits of the LRG to the people as keys areas.

She was of the view that as School of Natural Resources, they need to develop a whole BSc, Masters and PhD programs in Landscape Restoration as part of long-term development programs of UENR. 

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