Fiapre, June 20, 2024

A total of 254 patients with  cataract eye-problems have had their sights fully restored successfully at the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) hospital in the Sunyani Municipality.

A data from the Hospital’s Eye Unit, available to News indicates that 136 females and 118 males underwent the free surgery exercise from Monday June 10 to Friday 14 June 2024.

According to the data, 47 bilateral cases were recorded, comprising 23 males and 24 females. 

The data said patients below 18 years were 9 and 11-year-old boys, and a 13-year-old girl.

The oldest amongst the patients was a 100 year old Bertha Duko.

Dr. Bright Yaw Okyere, the head of the Eye Unit at the SDA Hospital confirmed to News on Wednesday.

He explained a total of 1670 patients made up of 1072 females and 598 males with various eye diseases were screened, out of which the 254 were booked for the surgery.

Dr. Okyere said the remaining patients with cases that does not require surgery were given eyeglasses and other medications to solve their problems.

The specialists 

Earlier, Dr. Louis Oteng-Gyimah, an opthalmologist and eye surgeon at the Hospital said a team of 45 eye specialists made up of opticians, opthalmologist, optometrist, ophthalmics and General Nurses from across the country were brought together to perform the five-days surgeries.

The Doctors and nurses were drawn from the St. Dominic Catholic Hospital, Akwatia, in the Eastern Region, Techiman Holy Family Hospital in the Bono East Region, St. Mary’s Hospital, Drobo in Bono region, Accra, Koforidua in the Eastern Region and Bechem in the Ahafo Region.

The exercise was organized by the SDA Hospital in collaboration with the National Cataract Outreach program and supported by the Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP).


The 1,670  beneficiaries screened were from the Ahafo, Bono and Bono East Regions, made up of 1,072 females and 598 males.

The 254 patients who underwent the surgery were people with cataract problems out of the 1670 screened and the remaining were also given eyeglasses and other required medications.


Dr. Okyere advised that it was very necessary every one has routine eye screening.

According to him, the periodic screening is critical because “we are more exposed to dust prone environment, coupled with the continuous use of digital devices such as laptops, phones and television”.

Dr. Okyere said ageing (40 years going) also reduces strength of the eye, hence, the need for regular screening for medical assistance when needed.

He cautioned the public to take proper care of their eyes, saying, it is the window of the body and an important part or organ that helps in carrying out daily activities easily.

Dr. Okyere recommended at least every 2 years routine eye screening or checkup. 

He further recommended every individual should be inquisitive about any history of blindness or glaucoma within their family for early detection and medication.

Dr. Okyere assured that “poor vision due to cataract is treatable with surgery, and it is not scary, Such people can see clearly again”. 

Dr. Mercy Dawson, an opthalmologist also reiterated that cataract is a treatable eye disease, therefore it should not be the cause of blindness to anyone.

Dr. Dawson is the eye specialist at the St. Dominic Catholic Hospital, Akwatia, in the Denkyembour District of the Eastern Region. 


The beneficiaries, expressed gratitude to the SDA Hospital for the kindness towards them.

They were all in very good health condition, full of joy and smile on their faces after the surgery. 

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