Advise your husbands to be mindful of consequences of political violence – IMS told women


Kumasi, June 19, 2024

The Women’s Wing of the Islamic Mission Secretariat (IMS) has expressed worry that women, persons with disabilities and children were people that mostly suffer the consequences of violence situations.

Therefore reminded mothers and wives to endeavor to at all times advise their husbands, brothers, sons and uncles on the consequences of social and political violence. 

Hajia Mariam Suleiman Nketia, the General Secretary for the Wing gave the advice in an interview with News on Tuesday. 

She emphasized women should not relent on efforts to remember their male counterparts to stay off any form of unwelcomed situations that has tendency to ignite riots as Ghana approaches 2024 general elections on December 7.

Hajia Suleiman Nketia further stressed it’s worth noting that the general public, particularly the youth desist from indulging in political arguments, utterances and choices of words that can fuel disturbances and destabilize the country.

In her opinion, women ought to lead the crusade for peaceful elections before, during and after the coming Presidential and Parliamentary polls. 

Hajia Suleiman Nketia stated the elections were ment to chose leaders who would initiate and spearhead development, and not to jeopardize the nation’s peace, hence all manner of persons must resolve to eschew tendencies that could compromise the existing priceless peace and cohesion. 

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