Sunyani, June 03, 2024

The Ghana Institute of Planning (GIP), Sunyani Zone, is gearing up to actively participate in the upcoming national tree planting exercises, dubbed, Green Ghana Day, a pivotal event on the country’s environmental conservation calendar.

The 2024 Green Ghana Day, scheduled on 7th June, 2024 on the theme: “Growing for a greener Tomorrow” seeks to plant a target of 10 million trees Nationwide.

Speaking in an interview with News, Planner Gifty Nyarko, the Sunyani Zonal Secretary and Sunyani West Municipal Planner said with a 

commitment to fostering sustainable development and environmental stewardship, the Institute is poised to make a significant contribution to this national tree planting initiative.

She said as part of its participation, the Sunyani Zone GIP will mobilize its members to participate in the activities in designated locations within the Sunyani Zone.

Pln. Nyarko stated the exercise serves as rallying point for individuals, organizations and communities across the country to join hands in planting the trees and nurturing green spaces.

Pln. Nyarko explained the Institute’s involvement in the tree growing exercise underscores its dedication to promoting environmental sustainability and combating climate change.

On his part, Pln. Ata-Era A James, the Sunyani Zonal Chairman of the GIP highlighted by actively engaging in the tree planting activities, the Institute aimed at contributing to the restoration of degraded landscapes, the preservation of biodiversity, and the enhancement of ecosystem services.

He said the GIP, Sunyani Zone is not only contribute to the tree planting, but would also use the occasion of Green Ghana Day to raise awareness on FM stations, about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable land management practices. 

Pln. James told News that the Institute, through the awareness creation seeks to empower individuals and communities to take proactive steps towards protecting the environment.

The Vice Chairman, Sunyani Zonal GIP, Pln. Franklin Yangfomenka Walier also added the Institute views its participation in the Green Ghana Day as an opportunity to foster collaboration and partnerships with other stakeholders in the environmental sector.

By working together towards a common goal, the Institute aims to leverage collective expertise and resources to maximize the impact of tree planting efforts and promote long-term environmental sustainability, he stressed.

Pln. Anthonia Ayamga, the Zonal Organizer stated the GIP, Sunyani Zone is eagerly looking forward to participating in greening and contributing to the nation’s efforts towards building a greener and more sustainable future. 

He believed through the active engagement in the tree planting activities and environmental awareness initiatives, the Institute reaffirms its commitment to creating healthier and more resilient communities for generations to come.

The Bono region would be planting a target of 750,000 tree species comprises Cashew, Cedrela, Gmelina, Teak and Ofram.

In that regard, the Sunyani Forest District is expected to raise 400,000 seedlings, Dormaa District, 250,000 while the regional office of the Forestry Commission raise 100,000 seedlings to be distributed for planting on the said date. 

In general, about 42 million trees had been planted across the country since the beginning of the tree planting initiative from the past three years. 

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