Sources of quality drinking water is a big blow in Kenyasi – Residents


Kenyasi, Ahafo Region, May 23, 2024

Residents of Kenyasi No1 and No’2, in the Asutifi North District of the Ahafo Region said sources of quality drinking water in the area is a big challenge to their health and livelihoods sustainability. 

According to the residents, all water bodies in Kenyasi, including boreholes are cyanide contaminated and can’t be used for any domestic purpose because of the effects of Newmont Mining Company’s activities.

In a random interview by News at Kenyasi on Tuesday, the people lamenting “we are compelled to buy sachet and bottled water from either Sunyani or Kumasi all the time before we can have clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

“Some households have large family size so would it be possible we buy water everyday for the rest of our lives”, Ablavi quizzed 

“So if we don’t have money to buy again, meaning we are in our last days of life”, she stated.

Because of high level chemicals emissions, when ever it rains, the water turned black and too slippery like okro.


Mrs. Bridget Ampong, a resident of Kenyasi No’2 narrated “I was experiencing unusual feelings and went to hospital in Sunyani, only to my surprise I had a confirmed typhoid, which I’m treating till now”.

Children and pregnant women in this area are at higher risk of health problems associated with the polluted environment, she stated.

Checks by News  revealed the commonest health conditions every one talks about in Kenyasi resent times are skin itching, eye itching, cancer and typhoid.

Mr. Johnson Owusu Prempeh, a youth leader at Tutuka, Kenyasi No1 said “we are living in an unhealthy and chaotic environment and atmosphere with rampant cancer, bacteria infections, respiratory disorders and cases of heart diseases”

This phenomenon stand strong threat to achieving Goals 6, 11 and 13 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Asutifi North District and the entire Ahafo Region.

This is because the greater portion of mining by the same company is happening at the Tano North Municipality of the Ahafo Region.

The above mentioned Goals of the SDGs also talks about how the people can get clean water, be mindful of activities resulting to Climate Action, depleting the environment as well as Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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