Sunyani May 22, 2024

Petty traders at various communities and suburbs of the Sunyani Municipality could no longer buy fresh tomatoes from the market and sell them in bits to continue their daily micro-business.

The petty traders and consumers of fresh tomatoes are in a state of shock, as prices of the commodity is unbearable in just few days.

During a survey conducted by News in some parts of the Municipality, the consumers who buy in very small quantities don’t get the farm produced as a result of it current highly inflated prices.

It was gathered that smaller stores and table-top operators in the communities could not afford the sharp increase prices, therefore, consumers don’t also get the commodity to buy at joints they use to get for their household uses.

At the Sunyani Nkwabeng South electoral area, the dire scarcity of fresh tomatoes is seriously felt.

Consumers who needs about just GH¢5 of the fresh tomatoes for quick intervention should forget it. 

Abrewa Store, Time Out, Methodist lane” and other popularly known areas have stop selling fresh tomatoes for the past five days.

Further survey to the Sunyani main (weekly) and everyday markets saw prices of the fresh tomatoes higher in recent days than normal.

Some dealers of the commodity who spoke to News informed the public that for someone to prepare stew for a-day consumption at home, GH¢5 or  G¢10 would be woefully inadequate for such purposes.

The person needs to buy between GH¢30 and GH¢50 of the fresh tomatoes, Attaa Agyeiwaa told this writer. 

Some customers sighted by News who were buying as low as GH¢10 for their small grind pepper food got only four (4) pieces of the fresh tomatoes like a “catapult-stone size” and those buying GH¢20 got 7 pieces of same catapult-stone size.

According to the dealers, prices of the small size box of the fresh tomatoes ranges from GH¢1,600 to GH¢1,800 for the ones grown in the region and those imported from Burkina-Faso respectively.

With the bigger size box, the dealers at the Sunyani market says its from GH¢3,200 and above, therefore can’t afford, hence, the sharp increase in price.

Attaa worrisomely explained “the fresh tomatoes imported from Burkina-Faso could rather last for about a week whilst the home grown ones got rotten between three days”.

For Affia, she pleaded with the government to outline favourable systems and interventions as soon as possible so that farmers can grow more of the commodity to feed the nation and salvage this unfavorable situation.

Akosua Badu and Maame further told News that “price of the commodity keeps increasing anytime and affecting our business”.

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