Odumase, May 13 

A Mothers seminar and get together has been held at Odumase, the Sunyani West Municipal capital of the Bono region with call on women to be resilient in life, learn to be flexible and open-minded when faced with unexpected circumstances.

Madam Serah Kahuri, a guest speaker from Kenya and partner of the G2 Foundation encouraged women, particularly single mothers to maintain positive mindset and develop problem solving skills.

According to her, women need to build a support system, cultivate self-compassion and practice adaptabilities. 

The women seminar was organized by the G2 Foundation for Widows, single mothers, persons with disabilities and the aged on Sunday at Odumase.

It was on the theme: “Celebrating Motherhood, a Timeless Bond: How Women can be resilient in life”.

It was for participants to socialize and be sensitized on their health and safety matters and issues of traumatization.

Mad. Kahuri on the theme explained women are the cornerstone of every nation, therefore should navigate the challenge and joy of raising their children from childbirth to parenting trials with empathy and sacrifices. 

On their health, Mrs. Mavis Adu-Manu, a Midwife at the Anglican Health Center in Sunyani advised them to desist from self medication and seek proper health care services from accredited facilities.

She reiterated the need to always check their blood pressure, diabetes, sugar, and all other ailments for Doctors advice and proper medications. 

Mrs. Adu-Manu said the regularly general medical checkups would help them to know their health status and help identify early signs of health issues.

The Midwife further reminds participants to guard against cigarettes smoking and alcoholism, saying, it leads to premature death.

The participants, in their numbers including children enjoyed the entertainment and health tips event with free assorted drinks, food of their choices amidst music and dancing.

The G2 Foundation is a non governmental organization that seeks the socioeconomic rights, freedom, health and general wellness for the vulnerable groups, mostly the widows, orphans, persons with disabilities and the aged.

On her side, Ms Gifty Nyarko, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Foundation, in an interview with News said the event was a mothers’ seminar to instill societal hope and support in the Widows, as well as celebrate them, give them motivational talks, and counseling. 

According to Ms. Nyarko, these are the times where such people need the support of the society, because many are those who are traumatized and would have been indoor throughout the day, thinking of other things that might affect their lives.

She noted many were Widows and Widowers who have turned into uncontrollable alcoholism all because of loneliness and too much thinkings, hence the mini seminar. 

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