2024 IWD theme has potential to reduce poverty – G2 Foundation

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Odumase, March 8, 2024

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of G2 Foundation, Ms Gifty Nyarko has opined the theme for the 2024 International Women’s Day (IWD) has potential to reduce poverty.

Commemorating this day is a recognition of the significance of women to global economic growth, she stated. 

G2 Foundation is a charity organization seeking the welfare of women, mostly the vulnerable groups comprising the widow, persons with disabilities, orphans and the aged. 

According to the CEO, the 2024 IWD on the theme “Invest in Woman: Accelerate Progress” with its campaign theme “Inspire Inclusion” directs that investing in women empowerment, women in health, economic, education, social responsibilities is a booster to income generation sources of a nation.

Speaking in an interview with thefourlens.com news at Odumase, the Sunyani West Municipal capital, Ms. Nyarko noted women’s contribution to society and economic growth can not be overlooked.

Because, women forms higher percentage of global population, therefore, giving them access to own resources such as land for agriculture purposes implies expanding agri-business, food production and crop yield.

Ms. Nyarko explained that women form over 70 percent of entrepreneurs involved in micro, small and medium-scals businesses which contributes substantial to national income and to reduce poverty.
She further noted giving women financial assistance is another means of widening a country’s revenue generation sources, explaining that with the percentage of women on tbe global map, assisting them financially for businesses automatically increases returns and tax net. 

On education and capacity building, Ms Nyarko was optimistic women are potential and the pivot of the wheel to strengthening the formal and informal sectors of a country. 

In terms of employment opportunities, women form greater portion of employees according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), she said. 

The ILO says more than 60 percent of the World’s employed population are in the informal employment sector, this implies that women are the World’s largest employed percentage because they forms majority of the informal sector. 

Hence, absorbing such high ratio means increasing employment opportunities for speedy economic growth, she told thefourlens.com news. 

In that regard, Ms. Nyarko charged women to shun all forms of discouragements and pursue their ambitions through determination to achieve your dreams. 


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