Bui, (Bono region), February 22, 2024

The Bui National Park (BNP), in the Banda District of the Bono region has untaped numerous economic prospects and potentials investors can capitalize on. 

Authorities are calling on both local and foreign investors to keenly eye the socioeconomic potentials of the park and partner with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to develop it.

They gave the invitation on Wednesday in an interview with news.

Mr. Jacob Kwadwo Yeboah, the GTA officer stationed at the park explained the BNP has available land for hotels, modern sports complex, restaurant, bars, social center developments.

Mr. Samuel Annan-Riverson, the park manager the untaped 1,821 kilometer square park is the third largest wildlife protected area in Ghana with two water bodies, thus an artificial lake and a natural volta river.

The park set up in the year 1971 and serves as home of hippopotamus sanctuary in Ghana,   natural attraction for tourists and conservation of the community.

When explore the area, Mr. Peter Dzobo, the tour guide said the park is made up of 60 per cent artificial lake, over 20 acres island on the lake. 

Terrestrial and Aquatic Animals at the BNP.

Mr. Dzobo explained the 180 meters deep artificial lake has 20 hippopotamus (the World third largest mammal) and the natural river has over 150 of the hippos. 

The lake also has African pythons (the World third largest python), turtle and all the fresh water species, he added.

On the terrestrial animals, Mr. Dzobo said there are Cat species, Warthogs, Monkeys, Birds of all kinds, Buffalos and Mongoose.

Other wildelifes included Lion, Leopard, Genet cat, Bushbuck antelope, Daika, Waterbuck antelopes, Kob and Roan antelopes.

Mr. Dzobo said the BNP also has animals like giant bats, cobra, borrows, advarks and baboons.

There are other creatures and areas for research purposes at BNP, he added.

The Cave

According to Mr. Dzobo, the cave was discovered in 1917/18 as a a hideouts where their forefathers on war in the centuries organized themselves to conquer their enemies.

He said it is located on a 550 meters mountain above the sea height and is 2-and-half kilometers from Banda Ahenkro.

Mr. Dzobo further explained there were pots and jewelry pottery dish, where the forefathers use to keep their precious stuff.


Settlers in the BNP area are people who migrated from ‘Tefile’, Sogakope, in the Volta Region of Ghana in 1919.

Fishing and boat manufacturing is their main occupation for livelihoods.

The culture, tradition, norms, values and customs of these fisherfolks is so beautiful and lovely.

They warmly welcome tourists and strangers with their traditional ‘Borborbor’ dance.

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