Bono Region Chalk Successes In Quality Health-Care Provision


Sunyani, January 03, 2024

The Bono Regional Health Directorate has achieved high successes in quality health-care provision, making the region to record high decline of cases in 2023 compared to the year 2022.

Data from the Directorate has revealed during an interaction at a meeting with the media and stakeholders in Sunyani on the state of health in the region.

Dr Kofi Amo-Kodieh, the Bono Regional Health Director explained the region has recorded decline in cases of upper respiration tract infections from 240,635 in 2022 to 189,97 in 2023, a marginal decrease of 5.95 per cent.

Rheumatism, arthritis and other joint pains also decreased from 115,314 in 2022 to 89,660 in 2023, a decrease of 2.81 per cent, he said.

According to Dr. Amo-Kodieh, cases of diarrhoea also decreased from 85,225 to 70,026, recording 2.19 per cent, while that of acute urinary tract infections also declined from 67,459 to 56,594, a decrease of 1.77 per cent cases within the same period.

He said 2022 recorded 62,602 cases of skin diseases, but saw a marginal decline, reducing to 46,518 cases in 2023.

He further explained that cases of intestine worms also decreased from 59,738 cases to 48,993 within the same year under review. 

Within the year under review, anaemia cases also declined from 56,061 to 37,933.

Typhoid fever also saw a sharp decrease from 50,329 cases to 18,962 with acute eye infections declining from 36,080 cases in the year 2022 to 24,610 cases in 2023. 

Dr Amo-Kodieh commended the health workers and stakeholders in the region for their hard work and support, saying the achievement was through their efforts and partnership.

Though malaria cases were leading OPD cases region, recording 353,480 uncomplicated cases in 2023, an increase of 11.08 per cent in the previous year, Dr. Amo-Kodieh said.

In 2022, the region recorded 381,107 cases of uncomplicated malaria, he added and encouraged the health workers, media, other stakeholders and the general public to double efforts to combat malaria.

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