Attitudinal change is the surest remedy for Ghana’s development – Methodist Minister


Sunyani, January 03, 2024

Very Reverend Dr. Solomon Bruce, the Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church Ghana, Sunyani Circuit and the Synod Secretary of the Sunyani Diocese has emphatically stated the only surest remedy for Ghana’s development is attitudinal change of the citizenry.

According to the Rev. Minister, Ghana is a rich country, but the attitude such as “wickedness and selfishness” of the people living in the country, particularly amongst some high office holders are some major factors affecting the nation’s economic speedy growth.

He spoke to in an interview in Sunyani as his new year message for Ghanaians on the 31 December watch-night service.

He emphasized there needs change of attitude amongst Civil Servants, Politicians, Security Services and individuals in this 2024 and beyond.

Very Rev. Bruce stressed the critical need for change in how Ghanaians dispose of both industrial and domestic waste, selfishness, greediness, carelessness,  unpatriotic and the dubious means to make worth, saying, “these are the things killing Ghana the most”.

Rev. Bruce observed some few individuals could highjack and keep the nation’s resources and monies that could be used for clinic, road, water and other developmental projects for the benefits of the entire District or Constituency. 

He therefore called for patriotism, love and care for one another and judicious use of the nation’s resources for it intended purposes.

“Let’s put on new new life, new leaves, new attitude in 2024 and bear fruit for holistic development of our own country for the survival of the unborn generation”.

Rev. Bruce pleaded there should be “justice and fairness at our Law Court, Parliament house, Market, Church and everywhere” as well as being factual as Ghanaians so that what is wrong be seen wrong, the right be right.

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