Sunyani Turned Into Ghost Town, As City Mourns Paramount Chief

Sunyani turned into ghost town, City mourns Paramount Chief.


Sunyani, July 28, 2023.

The entire Sunyani City has turned into a ghost town as Traditional Council ordered business to halt operations on Friday.

Shops, stores, petty trading activities, enterprises and all other businesses in Sunyani closed on Friday including vehicular movements.

Residents were indoor, schools were on holidays, no church activities, no car horning, the Central Business Area was so quite as the deep forest.

Not even porridge, fired yam or sachets water was found in the Sunyani City the whole of Friday.

The Sunyani Traditional Council on Tuesday announced the death of Nana Bosoma Asor Nkrawiri II, the Paramount Chief and begun a period of Mourning.

The Council declared that resident are to be in red and black costumes till 24 of August 2023.

The Council has put in place measures including ban on roadside preaching, noise making and funerals within the period. 

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