Wenchi Grabs 2nd Position Of HIV Infections In Bono Region With 118 New Cases

HIV Cases In Bono Region (Chapter 3)

Wenchi is 2nd with HIV infections in Bono Region.

By thefourlens.com

Wenchi, Bono Region, December 09, 2022 

The Wenchi Municipality has recorded 118 new cases of HIV in the Bono region, the Ghana AIDS Commission’s data report has revealed.

The Commission’s 2020 data report gathered in 2021 and available to thefourlens.com indicates that Wenchi is the Second highest Municipality with new infections of HIV cases amongst all the District and Municipalities of the region.

The Commission’s data indicated that the Wenchi Municipality has HIV cumulative population of 2,695  with 3.24 per cent prevalence in the Bono region.

According to the data, Jaman South is the third (3rd) highest with 116 new infections cases, but has 3.64 per cent prevalence of the virus with cumulative HIV population of 2,710 higher than Wenchi.

Berekum Municipal is at the 4th position with 3.01 per cent prevalence, 98 new infections cases and 2,302 HIV population cumulative.

Jaman North took the 5th position with 72 new infections cases, making its HIV population cumulative 1,547 and 1.92 per cent prevalence in the region.

On the 6th position is the Dormaa Central Municipality with 63 new infections cases, 1,469 population cumulative and 1.87 per cent prevalence of the virus.

Tain District has 1,375 population cumulative, 62 new infections cases and 1.75 per cent prevalence at the 7th position in the region.

Dormaa East is on the 8th position with 58 new infections cases, 1,357 population cumulative and 2.89 per cent prevalence of the HIV.

While the Sunyani Municipality, the regional capital is leading with 250 new infections cases and population cumulative of 6,035 with 4.22 per cent prevalence reported by thefourlens.com in CHAPTER 2, the twin sister Municipality, Sunyani West is at the 9th position with 55 new infections cases, a total of 1,245 population cumulative and 1.26 per cent prevalence of the HIV virus.

The Dormaa West District had 38 new infections cases, 2.65 per cent prevalence and 866 population cumulative to take the 10th position of the table.

Banda District is the last but one District with 10 new infections cases, 234 population cumulative and 1.23 per cent prevalence.

Berekum West District recorded only 9 new infections cases as the least District with 200 HIV population cumulative with 0.59 per cent prevalence of the virus in the year under review.

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Bambilla, the Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions Technical Coordinator of the Commission disclosed this in an interview with thefourlens.com.

He described the situation as an alarming, therefore pleaded with the general public to be mindful of the safety precautionary measures.



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