Sunyani Tops With 250 New HIV Infections In Bono Region – Ghana AIDS Commission

HIV Cases In Bono Region (CHAPTER 2)

Sunyani tops with 250 new HIV infections in Bono Region – Ghana AIDS Commission

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

The Sunyani Municipality is on top of all the 12 Districts and Municipalities of the Bono region with 250 new cases of HIV infections, data available to from the Ghana AIDS Commission has revealed.

According to the data from the Commission’s 2020 report gathered in 2021, the Sunyani Municipal figure is the highest, putting the HIV population cumulative in the City at 6,035.

This means that the Sunyani Municipality has 6,035 people living with HIV. 

The data said the Municipality is the commonest HIV prevalence City with 4.22 per cent in the region. 

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Bambilla, the Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions Technical Coordinator of the Commission disclosed this to in an interview in Sunyani.

He described HIV and AIDS situations in the region as an “epidemic” and hinted that elaborate celebration of funerals and festivals are amongst the key drivers of it upsurge. 

He worried the growing population of female sex workers, gayism, social media, the emergence of big commercial centers and boarder towns are amongst the key causes of the high increasing HIV cases in the Bono region.

He added very low condom usage, particularly among the youth is also a serious contributing factor of it spread.

Chapter 1 of HIV release summarized the position of the Bono region on the nationwide data.

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