Attention National Security! Danger Looming as violence clash likely to outburst between Sunyani and Fiapre

Attention National Security! Looming Danger, Violence clash likely to outburst between Sunyani and Fiapre 


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

A bitter fued erupting as some angry men numbering about 20, in a rambo style were captured tearing a giant billboard of Obrempong Professor Kyem-Amponsah II, the Fiapre Chief.

The giant billboard right in front of the SDA Hospital in Sunyani, near the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) posted a picture of Obrempong Prof. Kyem-Amponsah II advertising his 5th anniversary festival to be celebrated between 5th and 11th of December 2022.

Obrempong Prof. Kyem-Amponsah II is the Vice Chancellor of Ghana Communication Technology University.

The unknown macho men calling themselves indigenous people of Sunyani were captured in a video by at about 1035 hours of Wednesday skeletizing the giant billboard.

Some cladded all black, red and black, fully masked up and some traditional warriors, appeared in a rambo style, firing arms, chanting war songs and creating a violent scene.

Saying, “we are ready to reclaim our lands from individuals trying to takeover left and right, we will protect and defend what belongs to us, our forefathers and our generations yet unborn and no one should dare us”.

According to them, Fiapre has no land to erect billboard and claim ownership of.

This is likely to cause land ownership violent clash between Sunyani and Fiapre which would disturb the peace in Sunyani and environs.

This publication is to call and plead with the National Security, Bono Regional Security Council, the National House of Chiefs, the Bono Regional House of Chiefs and the Bono Regional Police Command to as a matter of urgency act swiftly to quench this ignited fire before it degenerates. 

The initial state of the billboard

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    National Security must take up this matter as soon as possible to prevent any unfortunate situation that may occur.

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