“Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa-Amponsem II Is Still Kontrihene of Sunyani”

“Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa- Amponsem II is still Kontrihene of Sunyani”

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Sunyani, Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa- Amponsem II, the alleged suspended Krontihene of Sunyani Traditional Area has stated he “is and remains the Krontihene of Sunyani”.
“Sunyani Krontihene is called Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa-Amponsem II”, he emphasized, adding that, “I’m not dead, not overthrown and I have not stopped”.

Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa- Amponsem II was speaking at his Palace on Sunday in Sunyani during a meeting with the Krontre/ Toasuam Royal family to commemorate 16 years of his enstoolment as Krontihene.
According to him, 

suspension dos not mean dismissal, “i

f someone is dismissed, the person is entirely sacked, but “a suspended member of a team or council is still a member of that group”.

Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa- Amponsem II therefore stressed  “I’m a member of Sunyani Traditional Council on suspension”.

He said he decided not to speak about the issue for all this while because “I appreciate silent is golden”.

“I chose and appreciate the word silent is golden, that’s why I have not spoken about it all this while”.

In a letter signed by Nana Bosoma Asor Nkrawri II, the Paramount Chief of Sunyani and President of the Sunyani Traditional Council, 

Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa- Amponsem II has been suspended from activities of the Traditional Council with effects from 28th March 2022 to 27th March 2024.


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