GIZ Business Idea Pitching: Identified Potential Migrant, Returnee Reversed Decisions

GIZ Business Idea Pitching Reversed Decisions Of Identified Potential Migrant, Returnee. 


Duayaw Nkwanta, November 15, 2022

A female potential migrant spotted in the Tano North enclave of the Ahafo region has reversed decision and eagerness to travel through what she called “connection man” to seek greener pastures abroad.

She, together with a Saudi Arabia returnee were identified at Goaso and Duayaw Nkwanta respectively during the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) innovative business support orientation and pitching in the Ahafo region from last Monday 7th to Thursday November 10, 2022.

The potential migrant, a seamstress in her early 20s (name withheld) from Duayaw Nkwanta who spoke to  discribed the GIZ project as “very timely and life saving intervention”. 

According to her, “I was eager and in far advanced discussion with someone to link me to one connection man and begin preparation to travel to one of these countries for better job opportunities”.

“Is like I am living in an unfavorable and disadvantageous society that’s why I want to go, though I don’t know any place there”, she stated.

The potential migrant further stated “it’s like a dream, I was with no expectation or hope for an opportunity like this for me one day to get training and indepth business booming knowledge with tools if am lucky to be among the selected few”.

“But, the GIZ business idea support orientation has now change my mind, I have lent a lot and realized I can be here in Duayaw Nkwanta and work to become who I wanted to become to the extent of helping others in the community”. “This is amazing and I only pray to be counted among those who really need the support”, she stated.

The organizers and some applicants who have pitched on the second day at Goaso

In further development, a returnee narrated her sad experience in Saudi Arabia between 2019 and 2021.

“We were 16 from Ghana to join a flight in Nigeria that day, but I and my friend were from Goaso and upon reaching a destination, we were kept in one room for a week and later splitted and shared to some people and from there, no one knows the whereabout of others”, she explained.

With flowing tears, she stated “we don’t understand their language, we’re being forced and used as sex slaves as one of our core duties, hmmm, am even feeling shy to mention this”.

The returnee said “the very fortunate situation on my side was that my phone wasn’t totally seized from me, so sometimes I could communicate with my family”.

“Infact that was my savior, so my family and other individuals were compelled to by all means rescue me back to Ghana”. 

“It was a terrible situation I would plead with anyone planning such journey to quit, it’s not easy as they say it at all”, she added.

A total of 51 innovative entrepreneurs registered and went through orientation on Monday and formally presented their business ideas between Tuesday and Thursday for the support.

They were about 80 per cent females and 20 per cent males between the ages of 18 and 35 who applied for business tools and materials support in fashion and design, catering, agri-businesses, beauty and cosmetics as well as media and IT solutions.

Milygof City Solutions, a Sunyani-based businesses advisory and consortium organized and coordinated the project with awareness creation and mobilize the interested persons for application, orientation and the three-day pitching at Goaso and Duayaw Nkwanta.

Identified winners would be given further training on developing their business.

The GIZ opened an application to support 30 successful persons with the required tools and materials to grow and sustain their innovative businesses in their respective Districts and Municipalities so that they can also impact others through creation of job and employment opportunities.


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