“Poverty Is Not In The Pocket” Training & Seminar Ongoing In Sunyani

“Poverty is not in the pocket” Training- Seminar

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Sunyani, October 17, 2022 

Well attended training participants

A one-week financial and sustainable economic literacy training for people with or without small, micro and macro businesses is underway in Sunyani.

It was organized by the Victory in Christ Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church and started Saturday, October 15 to Saturday October 22   to impact sustainable economic knowledge into the general public and improve their livelihoods to eradicate poverty in the society.

The conference dubbed “Wealth Creation Seminar” was on the theme: “Poverty is not in the pocket, but a disease of the mind: poverty in the pocket is curable”.

Elder Peter Ansong Frempong, a Financial Literacy Consultant and an elder of the church defined poverty as “the lack of basic ideas, discipline and the commitment to implement ideas in other to create sustainable wealth for your needs and inheritance of life”.

Elder Frempong in a presentation

Elder Frempong is an educationist, agri-businesses expert and Agro-Sceintist trained by the SDA church amongst other entrepreneurs “as a team of experts in wealth creation and financial literacy to complement the spiritual work of the church with social development”.

Elder Frempong spoke to the media in an interview in Sunyani on Saturday, on the sideline of the seminar, saying the training was initiated in 2015 and being held nationwide with the aim of fighting to totally eradicate poverty. 

He said “We want to train the minds of the people to understand their current economic status and how they can overcome the state of where they are today”.

Elder Frempong stated “we to sensitize and preach to the youth and show them the way to go out of poverty through ideas to create opportunities and wealth so they would not indulge in money rituals, corruption and dubious means of making money”.

He explained the training seeks to impact entrepreneurship skill knowledge, financial literacy education and wealth creation attitudes into participants.

This is because the SDA church serves not only it members, but the general humanity including Muslims and other organizations in their groups such as schools, the marginalized people including ex-convicts, Parsons with disabilities, deportees and women in agriculture as the church’s cooperate social responsibility, Elder Frempong said.

Pastor Thomas Akosah, the Head Pastors at the Victory in Christ SDA church added the church was ensuring a cohesive and seren environment for a universal economic growth and sustainability of communities in the country.

He said the initiative would significantly contribute to crime reduction in the country for the church and the general public to be at peace to thrive holistically.

Pastor Akosah noted “all day praying and fastening would not address economic challenges of members”, hence the nationwide seminar.

Participants were taken through topics such as moral poverty, religious poverty, education, health and economic poverty as types of poverty and their impacts.

Other topics includes principles of success, management of primary resources, money as a seed from fruit, consumption and investment, how to spend money, the power of coins and the impact of poverty.


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