Sunyani Library : Females, Males Shared One Toilet Facility

Strangle Over Usage of One Toilet Facility: Females Opt Not To Use Sunyani Regional Library.

Front view of the abandoned and the temporal library facility


Sunyani, October 08, 2022 

The ‘for-the-meantime’ Sunyani Library is facing many challenges, deterring, depriving and demotivating women from accessing the place for their academic and research purposes. 

A visit by to the library revealed that women, men and children currently using the temporal facility are “sharing the only one toilet facility which is even not in good condition”.

Some who spoke to, but on conditions of anonymity worried that “the entire library has only one toilet facility for all attendants (both male, female and children) and many women do not come to the library because of the situation and unhygienic state of the place”.

“We women are very critical about the hygienic nature of a particular place we find ourselves because of the cycles we go through, hence depriving many women from using this library facility”.

She said the toilet facility is uncomfortable to be used by women because they fear to be affected by some kind of diseases. 

It was also gathered that there is severe leakages all over the facility during every rainy day and that makes the place unconducive for studying.

“Most of the books at the library are outdated and affecting quality research works”.

Mr. Thompson Ntege, the Bono Regional coordinator for the Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs, who said has continuesly been using the library for the past seven years told

“We are actually under great disservice and deprived of many opportunities and this situation can not help the growth and development of young people in the future”.

The temporal small space in use could not contain deserved number of people, women and other categories of people at a time, Mr. Ntege emphasized.  

Data available to shows that 2044 males and 1143 female adults used the temporal library facility in the third quarter of 2022 while children were 1219 males and 1010 females.

These, coupled with many other challenges have necessitated an urgent and speedy completion of the abandoned edifice which was awarded to a contractor in 2003 and was expected to be ready in 2006.

The abandoned edifice when monitored by has begin rotting with parts of the building believed to be home for lunatics, rats, bats, serpent and other animals. 

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