Teenage Childbearing Rate High In Bono Region -NPC Worried

Mr. Davies Aboagye, NPC Officer, Bono Region

High rate of teenage childbearing in Bono Region is a worrying situation – National Population Council

By thefourlens.com

Sunyani, August 26, 2022

The National Population Council (NPC) has expressed grieve over high rate of teenage childbearing in Bono Region, situation the office described as very worrying.

Mr. Davies Yeboah Aboagye, the Bono Regional Officer of the NPC told thefourlens.com in an interview in Sunyani and attributed the problem to what he noted “low contraceptive prevalence” in the country.

Mr. Aboagye indicated the rate of teenage childbearing in the Bono region is 16%, according to the 2017 material health survey.

In the survey, he said the contraceptive prevalence rate is 31%, thus percentage of women aged 15-49 who use modern methods of contraceptives to either delay or space births.

Mr. Aboagye said the National Population Policy (revised edition, 2017) aims at reducing total fertility rate (the average number of children a woman who has lived her reproductive years would have) from 4.2 children per woman in 2014 to 3.5 by 2024, and 3.0 by 2034. 

The teenage childbearing rate, Mr. Aboagye was afraid if not critically check nationwide “is likely to derail the progress made in management of the country’s population”.

He explained rapid population growth can place strain on a country’s capacity for handling a wide range of economic, social and environmental significant issues.

Therefore, pleaded with city authorities, Imams, the Clergymen, Assemble members, parents and other community leaders to keep eye on the teenage girls and intensify sensitization on the menace of unplanned births on the nation at large.


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