Palm Wine Tappers Cautioned To Guard Against Bush Fire

Palm wine tapper cautioned colleges against bush fire


Sunyani, March 30, 2023

Mr. Victor Akoligya, a palm wine tapper and Akpeteshi (local hard liquor) manufacturer has cautioned his colleague tappers to ensure their activities and business does not cause bush fire.

The tapper made the caution statement when speaking to during a visit to his business cite on Wednesday.

He said “unknown source” bush fires are highly increasing in the country these days and destroying people farms and properties.

“Because we can not do our business without fire, there is the need for us to be extra careful in our dealings to repel fire disaster”, he emphasized.

He told that though the traditional way of burning dry bundle of palm branches to preserve the sap hole was the very best practice, thus aid heavy and free flow of the fluid to be collected, not poisonous to the health of consumers and increases production.

“But, because it has to do with fire all the time, there must be keen eye always on all happenings”.

Mr. Akoligya said they should again ensure they set their distillation fires for operation at waterlogged areas where the environment is always wet and can not catch fire. 

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