Breast Feeding Has High Potential To Prevent Breast Cancer – Senior Midwife

Breast feeding, potential to prevent breast cancer – Senior

Mrs. Yeboah, the Senior Midwife


Odumase, Sept 21, 2022

Mrs. Monica Yeboah, a Senior Midwife at the Family Planning, Breast and Cervical Cancer Unit at the Sunyani Municipal Health Directorate says continues breast feeding has high potential to prevent breast cancer.

According to her, some nursing mothers denied their babies breast milk and opt giving their babies canned food instead of breast feeding with the aim of keeping their breast stiff, but such doings exposed them to breast cancer.

Mrs. Yeboah was speaking at a breast cancer awareness campaign at Odumase over the last Saturday at a social gathering organized for women and children to sensitize parents, particularly the women about their health, mostly breast, skin and cervical cancers.

The gathering was organized by Ms. Gifty Nyarko, the Physical Development Planning Director at the Sunyani West Municipal Assembly and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of G2 Foundation, a Ghana based Non-governmental organizations.

The G2 Foundation is an organization into the welfare and health of vulnerable women, children, orphans, widows and persons with Disabilities.

Mrs. Yeboah outlined breast feeding helps to reduce the incident of premenopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

She added breast feeding helps to reduce the risk of getting type two diabetes and also reduces gestational weight of the mother.

Mrs. explained though the cause of breast cancer is idiopathic (not know), but family history, smoking and obesity after menopause are some risk factors of breast cancer.

She added early birth is a predisposed factor and early menstruation between nine and 12 years are also factors that cause breast cancer.

Mrs. Yeboah therefore advised women to be more critical about the disease and report early signs to the hospital.


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